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BDA ensures that its clients are satisfied. We provide up-to-date hosting, domain, and HTML data, Google Analytics and link reports throughout the on-going process.

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Keyword Searched (Updated: March 1, 2017) Industries Ranking
Water parks in US Entertainment 3rd
Buy property in US Real Estate 8th
Cheapest motel in Denver Hotel 5th
Fast food in Texas Food 1st
Car wash in New Jersey Automotive 6th
Affordable Jewelry Buying Jewelry 2nd
Best Animated Videos Videos 4th
Awesome Content Writing Content Writing 7th
Beautiful Parks of Denver Entertainment 9th
Motion Picture Buyers in US Videos 3rd
Affordable property in US Real Estate 1st
Cheapest drinks in Denver Food & Beverage 8th
Pizza lounges in Amsterdam Food 5th
Car repairing tools in New Jersey Automotive 6th
Affordable and Shiny Jewelry Buying Jewelry 2nd
Interactive Animated Videos Videos 9th
Creative Content Writing Services Content Writing 1st
New Affordable Laptops in Texas Technology 7th

How Your Website SEO Package Works

We follow a smooth and transparent SEO process for anyone to understand.


We offer a competitor analyzed working proposal which covers all your requirements.

Keyword Search

In our cheap SEO plans, our experts will research and finalize keywords relevant to your search audience.

Content Design

The content offered at BDA get indexed with targeted keywords and formatted using superior quality tools to add compelling and engaging flare in it.

Website Optimization

At BDA, we develop cost-effective websites having keyword indexed content with optimized designs, speed, and content curation.

Analysis & Improvement

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. Our experts will evaluate campaign performance and make required improvements at exclusively low prices.



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Elements of an Optimized Page

BDA follows industry-leading standards, and pride itself as the premier SEO marketing firm. From having an in-depth market knowledge to providing unmatched services, we aim to make your business prosper at its best.

  • Uniquely Valuable

  • Meta Data Inclusive

  • Phenomenal UX

  • Multi-Device Ready

  • Keyword Targeted

  • Built to be Shared

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