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PPC Services

Website traffic

BDA- stands among the top PPC companies will increase the quality of website traffic by designing and creating various ad copies for your site.
Thus, we target which geographical area best falls for your site.

Maximum return

We will manage costs, track conversions, determine your ROI while incorporating best Pay-per-click advertising techniques, as our focus is to generate as much as business for you.


We launch campaigns to gather traffic for your website without any hindrance of organic searches. Our PPC consultants make sure you receive potential outcomes on modern platforms like Google.


BDA focuses on grabbing additional traffic and then sending it to your website. By doing that, it will increase your online visibility and will help in achieving stability.

Your 4 Step PPC Checklist

Generate Traffic

Easy to Measure

Full Access and Control

Cost-Effective Ads

Generate Traffic Quickly

BDA will help you revive quick traffic on your website, the moment an ad goes live; highlighting the appealing factor of PPC. With other PPC marketing firms, you remain unsure even after spending X dollars. But when we are here you only pay for the number of clicks your ad receives, ultimately paying only for your target audiences.

Easy to Measure

Professional Approaches; Lowest Rates
BDA provides flexible digital approaches. We provide easy-to-measure metrics to track the success of your campaigns. You can easily measure your growth and calculate its outcome whenever you want.

Full Access and Control

We enable customers to get complete access and total control. You can monitor analytics from anywhere. We strictly follows the principles of customer-first approach and so, provides such services which are based on honest and sincere strategies.

Cost-Effective Ads

We offer cost-effective PPC pricing packages blended with unmatchable excellence and expertise. BDA focuses on ensuring greater exposure, increased ROI and promises to help you convert potential leads; at a reasonable cost.

PPC Management Process

We provide smooth and transparent PPC process for anyone to follow and understand.


We provide a competitor analyzed working PPC plans which cover all your requirements.

Keyword Search

Our experts will research and finalize keywords and phrases relevant to your search audience.

Campaign Setup

Our cheap Pay-Per-Click services include writing effective and keyword oriented ad copies, creating landing pages and applying the analytical code for testing.

Analysis & Improvement

Paid marketing management is an ongoing process. Our PPC service providers will evaluate campaign performance through keyword list management

6 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Blue Digital Avenue- the leading PPC marketing agency, works for their clients and treat them like their family. Unlike others, our trained professionals only focus on determining what is beneficial for their customers. We aim to educate them about our complicated processes and strategies.

  • Negative-Keyword Strategy

  • Lack Of Call To Action

  • No Goals / Plans

  • Zero Campaign Structure

  • No Testing

  • Using Homepage As Your
    Landing Page

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